Program Management
Effective leadership and management leads to efficient delivery and desired goals. We know what it takes to deliver within budget and on time. We have done it many times and you can too.
Content Management
We know content and we can help you master yours. Our enterprise applications expertise will make your content work with your business applications. Client Success, Amen!
Open Source
Open source has arrived and it's time it did something for you. Mature, reliable, robust - yes, these are the words that describe your open source options today. Cost advantage? That is a given.
Focus Areas

We focus on certain areas of our expertise to create solutions for facilitating client success. These focus areas are brought together in creative ways to provide freedom of choice to clients.


The following focus areas are the basis of our solutions.
  • Content Management - Our focus on content management is founded on the importance of unstructured information in business today and on the fact that little, if any, of that information is currently managed in an effective manner. Databases have matured and structured information has been conquered (well, mostly). Unstructured content offers the next big opportunity for businesses to cut costs, to streamline processes, and to harness information in new ways for better decision making.
  • Open Source - Open source has arrived. With a huge global following the open source movement has gone mainstream. The stabilization timelines has shortened remarkably and popular open source projects become robust very quickly. The selling point for open source today is robustness and reliability, since cost advantage is automatically assumed. Open source products offer viable alternatives today and are even bundled routinely in commercial software packages.
  • Enterprise Architecture - Content management solutions don't operate in a vacuum and we have significant experience architecting and implementing enterprise solutions. Business content permeates multiple enterprise applications and these applications need to work together to materialize the promise by technology in the service of business.
  • Program Management - Program management or some aspect of it underlies all the work we do. This is the secret sauce that helps us deliver each time, whether we are working on a fixed-price project or on a time and materials basis. We can also provide pure program management as a service if you need help in accomplishing business drivers with your own staff.