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Alfresco WCM 2.0



Alfresco provides an exciting content management platform with a rich set of features, ease of deployment, and freedom of choice for selecting solution components. Alfresco WCM 2.0 is an easy addition to the Alfresco core platform.

Alfresco WCM 2.0 offers exciting features for rapid deployment of web content management solutions. It offers built-in support for deploying web sites on popular technologies such as J2EE and .NET. It also supports one-click rollback of web site changes giving great control to content managers.

It also facilitates management of business-level or application-level features on a web site. Any feature change typically involves changes to multiple resources including content, code, and media. Alfresco WCM 2.0 enables users to manage a set of changes as a unit moving all the related changes in sync through the content creation process. 

The Alfresco platform is a breeze to set up in the default configuration, which is usually suitable for a development environment. At the same time, it offers sophisticated configuration options for production environment requirements such as high availability and high volume.


Learn more about the capabilities described above in this detailed article.


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