Program Management
Effective leadership and management leads to efficient delivery and desired goals. We know what it takes to deliver within budget and on time. We have done it many times and you can too.
Content Management
We know content and we can help you master yours. Our enterprise applications expertise will make your content work with your business applications. Client Success, Amen!
Open Source
Open source has arrived and it's time it did something for you. Mature, reliable, robust - yes, these are the words that describe your open source options today. Cost advantage? That is a given.

We realize that isolated products or services do not necessarily translate into client success. That is why we have organized our offerings into solutions in a way which allows clients to decide the extent of our involvement in helping them succeed. Further, the solutions combine our various areas of expertise and insights to deliver clear value for clients' business.  

The following solutions combine our expertise in content management, open source, enterprise architecture, and program management to help accomplish various business objectives.

Managed Services
Managed services offer you solutions that let you take care of your business while we take care of the technology infrastructure and provide the needed expertise. Consistent with our philosophy of your freedom of choice, these solutions offer a range of options for you to choose from so that you can decide how much help you need. Our current managed services offerings are introduced below.

  • Website as a Service - This service empowers you to create and manage your website without any special infrastructure or technical know-how. Using just a browser and an internet connection, you could be adding content to your live site within a day!

System Integration
Our system integration expertise provides a unique blend of experience, agility, and creativity. We have experience working with diverse technologies for small to large clients, agility to pick up new technologies and business models, and creativity to combine them into solutions that lead to client success. System integration services also offer you choices to suit your way of doing business and your specific needs. We can take on project work as well as providing you expert advice. Please contact us with your specific needs and we can recommend the best approach.


We are not captive to any particular technology for creating enterprise solutions for business challenges. While we are proponents of open source we recognize the need to work with heterogeneous systems. We can architect solutions with diverse components including Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Weblogic, JBoss, Websphere, Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL, and DB2. Content managemet solutions are typically built with EMC Documentum, Alfresco, Joomla!  


While we offer custom solutions for your specific needs, we also provide packaged solutions which can be offered at a fixed-price. These packages serve common needs when developing solutions using specific technologies.

  • Documentum eRoom Foundation - Documentum eRoom is a great collaboration platform and offers Web-based access to secured content. It offers sophisticated configuration options for scaling the infrastructure and for securing the stored content. It also offers native integration with Documentum repositories for storing content, which can also utilize the content management features available on Documentum. A complete rollout of an eRoom solution to the enterprise typically requires custom analysis, design, configuration, and possibly customization. However, such a solution is always built on top of the core eRoom infrastructure, which is often integrated with enterprise infrastructure such as user directories. We have experience deploying the eRoom infrastructure in a fixed-price model which lets you minimize your risk and plan your budget with confidence. Of course, we can also help you plan and roll out the full eRoom solution for your enterprise.
  • Documentum Architecture Workshop - You may already have capable technical staff who can take on complex infrastructure responsibilities such as a Documentum deployment. With some guidance based on real-world Documentum experience and expertise, you can architect a Documentum solution using the right platform components and avoid expensive mistakes proactively. An on-site, all-hands, compact workshop can help you architect a Documentum-based solution which you can plan and execute with assurance. As a part of the workshop, we can help you estimate and plan activities for such initiatives and even evaluate proposals from vendors offering to implement such solutions. This workshop serves to educate your competent staff as well as to provide trustworthy advice.
  • Documentum Customization Workshop - Without customizations to meet specific business needs Documentum will just be an inordinately expensive file server. While arhitecting the Documentum platform is necessary for a successful business-serving deployment, it is not sufficient. The feature-rich platform comes with complexities of its own. There are multiple layers in the Documentum architecture which span one or more tiers of the n-tier enterprise architecture. If that was not enough, many of the end-user needs can be achieved in more than one ways leading to a plethora of customization alternatives to choose from. An on-site, all-hands, compact workshop can help you make wise choices by bringing the appropriate staff together with Documentum experience and expertise in the same room. You will be able to map business requirements to specific customization options. As a part of the workshop, we can help you estimate and plan activities for such initiatives and even evaluate proposals from vendors offering to implement such solutions. This workshop serves to educate your competent staff as well as to provide trustworthy advice.

Program Management

doQuent brings 25+ years of collective program and project management expertise to their projects. We believe that no matter how small or large the project, effective leadership and management leads to efficient delivery and desired goals.


Core to our project management philosophy is the belief that leadership must work in concert with not only the delivery team, but also with the business leaders, stakeholders, and the users to ensure a consistent expectation of the project outcomes. Our project leaders, thus, work closely with the ‘project teams’ to ensure communication is consistent, concise, and complete. Our technical and usability architects understand the importance of program management, and thus work hand-in-glove with the program managers to ensure the overall integrity of the solution.


We call it a 360-degree approach.


Our project managers work as an active member of the team, managing the dynamic nature of the project plan, budget, scope, risks and issues, and facilitating communication - internal and external to the project team. We have developed and tested our Project Management methodology and toolset by using it and improving it consistently on all projects. Our internal project progress and quality review process is performed as a value-add service to ensure optimal value and success for our client stakeholders. This proven Project Management approach allows us to deliver our projects with high quality.


While we are ready to help you succeed with your current initiatives we understand that your long term success may rely on your own staff being better prepared and educated for expanded responsibilities. We want to be known as enablers of your success and offer solutions to help you succeed in strategic ways.

  • Documentum Rapid Ramp-Up - You may be a Documentum customer needing to build IT staff to support your investment or you may be a professional services organization planning to build or enhance a workforce skilled on Documentum. Documentum Rapid Ramp-Up can help Documentum professionals to rapidly prepare for the EMC Content Management Foundations certification. It can also build Documentum skills from the ground up for professionals with no familiarity with Documentum. You can accomplish this goal with a one-day onsite workshop. Optionally, you can add another day of hands-on sessions depending on your needs. This could be the difference between searching for rare and expensive professionals and having them on your team! 
  • Project Management Toolkit – Every organization implements projects to bring strategic initiatives to life. But not every organization counts project management as their core-competency. And that is where our PM toolkit comes in handy. We can help your project managers get a good grasp of the basic project management tools, as well as equip them with the thought-process to develop their own on an ongoing basis should the nature of your dynamic organization so demand. We deliver one to three day sessions – hands-on, interactive, and tailored specifically to your needs. This could be the difference between guessing, and knowing exactly where your projects are!