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Effective leadership and management leads to efficient delivery and desired goals. We know what it takes to deliver within budget and on time. We have done it many times and you can too.
Content Management
We know content and we can help you master yours. Our enterprise applications expertise will make your content work with your business applications. Client Success, Amen!
Open Source
Open source has arrived and it's time it did something for you. Mature, reliable, robust - yes, these are the words that describe your open source options today. Cost advantage? That is a given.
SOA with D6

Doquent article published on EMC Education Services site.


DFS with D6

D6 generates buzz about SOA using Documentum Foundation Services (DFS)


Community Service

We believe in giving back to the community and we practice what we believe:

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Master your content!
You can master your content, we can help!

Are you looking for an affordable way to manage your presence online without spending a fortune to build an infrastructure and to hire staff to support it?

Does the thought of spending $50,000 just to obtain software for managing enterprise content deter you from embarking upon strategic initiatives?

Maybe money isn't the real constraint for you. Are you looking to convert your significant investment in EMC Documentum infrastructure into the returns that you had been promised and you hoped for?

Explore novel ways with us for achieving success. You can use our expertise for services ranging from infrastructure review, prototyping concepts, to architecting and implementing full solutions.  

We don't stop at client satisfaction. Our goal is client success!